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The Quota States of America

Surprisingly Martin Luther King Day is still a national holiday. Why hasn’t he been cancelled over his past words that today would be deemed racist...

yesterday 7

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Brian C. Joondeph

The True Threat of Debt Default

The specter of a faux default and raising the debt ceiling is a favorite Uniparty game.  Such a default is a pretense because soon everyone is...

yesterday 5

American Thinker

Whitson G. Waldo, Iii

You Asked for a Rebuttal, Dad

So my Dad sent me an article in Vanity Fair titled "The GOP is Escalating its War on Ideas" jumping all over the GOP for “banning books.”  I...

yesterday 5

American Thinker

Dawn Merrill

A Tale of Two Countries

Just recently, I took my wife to a local country music concert to celebrate her birthday. I was surprised by the number of people drinking Bud...

yesterday 4

American Thinker

Brian Parsons

What the 'Pig Case' Says about the Supreme Court

On 11 May, the U.S. Supreme Court decided National Pork Producers' Council v. Ross , in which the justices ruled by a 5-4 margin that California's...

yesterday 1

American Thinker

Twilight Patriot

Dealing with the Upcoming Climate Failure Blame Garme

What do we do about the climate madness? That's the issue that Lord Frost addressed in a recent speech to the Global Warming Policy Foundation in...

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Christopher Chantrill

The Decline and Fall of the American Empire

A cursory examination of history reveals that the United States is mired in the same process that precipitated the collapse of the great empires of...

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Steve Mccann

The Consequences of American Meritocracy in the Rearview

If you’re reading this and you’re black, I don’t care. Yellow or brown, I still don’t care. If you’re gay, ditto. If your family is from...

previous day 3

American Thinker

Vince Coyner

That was Then: Soon This Will be Too

Many of us feel like we’re swimming against a torrent that is rushing toward a massive waterfall. We can hear the water crashing over the edge...

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American Thinker

Deana Chadwell

Medicare-for-All: Resurrection of a Terrible Idea

Progressive Democrats are trying to reintroduce their Medicare-for-All plan, a bait-&-switch scheme to impose single payer surreptitiously. It...

previous day 4

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Deane Waldman, M.d.

'It’s all about the money' -- The Dysfunctional Biden Family Legacy

Adam Entous in the The New Yorker of August 15, 2022 wrote with dispassionate detail the travails of four generations of Bidens -- President...

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Stephen B. Young 

Answering the Big Question: Ron or Don?

A very dear friend and a former Heritage Foundation associate responded to my last column on American Thinker with the following: Happy to tell you...

monday 20

American Thinker

Alicia Colon

Building a Monument the Fallen Deserve

I once heard an academic ask an elite soldier what distinguished the warrior's mindset from that of an ordinary person.  The soldier thought about...

monday 10

American Thinker

J.b. Shurk

Trump Critics Need to Stop Complaining about 'Baggage'

The criticisms that some conservative critics of President Trump have is that he had too much "baggage."   The "baggage" is Trump's...

monday 3

American Thinker

Rajan Laad

How the Democrats are Destroying Large Cities

Kevin Williamson has published a commentary in the NY Post dealing with the “blue wave” that’s moving through metropolitan areas. In cities...

monday 4

American Thinker

Paul Gottfried

The Futility of School Reform

American schools are hardly noted for their academic excellence, but post-COVID data have fueled a near panic. Statistics from the well-regarded...

monday 5

American Thinker

Robert Weissberg

The Nanny State Stains a Deck

When candidates run for public office — local, state, or federal — they campaign on some careful blend of their résumés, their personalities,...

monday 2

American Thinker

John F. Di Leo

How Modernism Is Fascism

During a seminar on Modernism, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities, I delivered a presentation linking modernist ideas with...

28.05.2023 10

American Thinker

Jeffrey Folks

‘Earth’s Holocaust,’ a Global Bonfire to Reckon With

“Earth’s Holocaust” is a short story by Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864) that delivers enough déjà vu to make one say loudly “what else is...

28.05.2023 9

American Thinker

Anthony J. Deblasi

The Vote Fraud Monster Is Coming for Ted Cruz

On the Memorial Day weekend, while most Americans played near water, the leftists impeached the strongest elected voice in Texas for election...

28.05.2023 8

American Thinker

Jay Valentine

Transgenderism and its War on Truth

In all the conversation that is prevalent throughout the Earth today, there is almost nothing further from the truth than the absurd and evil...

28.05.2023 4

American Thinker

Trevor Thomas

The Politics of Jesus

Tony Campolo is among the more famous evangelical leaders in the United States more affiliated with the political Left. His perhaps most famous...

28.05.2023 4

American Thinker

Ben Voth

Government Accountability and Law Under the Left

Government’s ineptitude, apathy, and policies driven by internal politics (as usual), have a real cost in terms of people dying, suffering injury...

27.05.2023 10

American Thinker

Allan J. Feifer

DIE Litmus Tests are Robbing the Campus

Universities are forums for the free exchange of ideas, for learning how to think, not what to think; for debate, not...

27.05.2023 6

American Thinker

Janet Levy

Friedrich Nietzsche Was Not the Inspiration for the Left

Nietzsche, who abhorred the politics of the Left, and who envisaged a new aristocracy, may be said to have invented the atheism of the political...

27.05.2023 6

American Thinker

Richard Mcdonough

Poor Man's Dollar, Rich Man's Dollar

It's no secret that the lockdown-induced inflation of the last three years has pushed millions of struggling middle-class Americans to the...

27.05.2023 4

American Thinker

Charles Landon

Impending 'Pistol Brace' Rule Seeks to Subvert American Electoral System and Her Citizenry

On June 1st, the Biden administration will launch a particularly egregious assault against law-abiding firearms owners through the Bureau of...

27.05.2023 4

American Thinker

Rep. Paul A. Gosar

Is Marvel Comics Done Being Woke?

The recent decline in interest in the Marvel Cinematic Universe could be causing execs to clean house.   Victoria Alonso's contributions such as...

27.05.2023 4

American Thinker

Bill Scott