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The West’s War on God

Perhaps the most startling quality of world leaders today is that they do not believe in much beyond their own wants and needs.  Many will feign...

yesterday 40

American Thinker

J.b. Shurk

On Memorial Day, Remember Those Who Died for Nothing

Monday May 27, 2024 is Memorial Day, when we remember the soldiers that gave their lives in America’s wars. But it is well to remember that,...

yesterday 30

American Thinker

Christopher Chantrill

They Did It to Trump, and They Can Do It to You

Let’s face it: most of us inhabit a dream world, a place where fairness, dignity, honor, and love for your fellow man reign.  Most of all, we wish...

yesterday 80

American Thinker

Pete Mcardle

Memorial Remembrance

“Sacrifice is meaningless without remembrance.”               – Duane Samiento, Commander-in-Chief, VFW   In remembrance of our fallen...

yesterday 10

American Thinker

Anthony J. Deblasi

Tensions Increase as the World Health Assembly Convenes

On Monday, May 27 (our Memorial Day), the Seventy-seventh World Health Assembly (WHA) will meet and begin the process of approving the World Health...

yesterday 10

American Thinker

Victor Fernandez

Biden Claims the Polls Are Wrong. He May Be Right.

It seems Joe Biden didn’t like what recent polls were telling him.  So he and his staff started claiming they’re fake. Unfortunately for...

yesterday 7

American Thinker

John Kudla


This week, a lot of people and institutions got “punked,” that is, humiliated, by their own actions. Of course, the eternal punkees, as Hussein...

previous day 30

American Thinker

Clarice Feldman

Acknowledging Truth

The cancel culture is nothing new. It is prevalent today but has existed in the past. St. Paul warned his protégé, Timothy, about the deceitful...

previous day 50

American Thinker

Thomas Klocek

Is There a Doctor Jill in the House? (Satire)

In the United States, between 40-50 percent of first marriages end in divorce. It’s even higher for second marriages: a whopping 60-70%. American...

previous day 30

American Thinker

Robin M. Itzler

Claiming Statehood

What does it take to make a good society? In the West, not only liberals, but even conservatives of the activist disposition, have tended to think...

previous day 20

American Thinker

Lars Møller

The White Left and the Racial Rubicon

The progressive anti-white platform sweeping away Western civilization owes its origins to what the authors shall refer to as the “White Left,”...

previous day 10

American Thinker

Erik Gregory, Todd Gregory

Reframing the Artificial Intelligence Conversation

A recent letter signed by more than 200 musical artists calls “AI developers, technology companies, platforms and digital music services to cease...

saturday 20

American Thinker

James Spencer

No Tehran ‘Moment of Silence’ for US Policy Collapse on Israel

First up was the International Criminal Court (ICC) Prosecutor, who declared open season on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Monday. ...

saturday 10

American Thinker

Richard J. Douglas

It’s High Time We Kicked All the Tyrants and Traitors to the Curb

When a president and vice president take the oath of office in America, he and/or she makes a brief promise to the citizens of this country. For...

saturday 10

American Thinker

Albin Sadar

Memorial Day Weekend in the City

On Friday, May 24, as Chicagoans prepared for the Memorial Day weekend, Mayor Brandon Johnson and police superintendent Larry Snelling spoke to...

saturday 6

American Thinker

John F. Di Leo

Big Tobacco and the Psychiatric Drug Industry

The psychiatric drug industry and Big Tobacco share striking similarities in their tactics, particularly when it comes to downplaying the risks...

saturday 10

American Thinker

Sheila Gallo

Escaping from Bloody Reality

Off-hand remarks can destroy a candidate.  In August of 1967, for example the then-governor of Michigan, George Romney, a leading contender for...

saturday 4

American Thinker

Robert Weissberg

U.S. Intelligence Deserves the Distrust It Is Generating

On May 16, Foreign Policy magazine published an article by three experienced intelligence officers, including one who has chronically politicized...

24.05.2024 40

American Thinker

John A. Gentry

Tyranny by Any Other Name Still Stinks

Tyranny takes hold when good people are lulled into inaction.  Those of us who mind our own business and prefer government to leave us alone are...

24.05.2024 60

American Thinker

J.b. Shurk

Climate Stupidity

The specific gravity of carbon dioxide is 1.52 relative to dry air — the same weight as propane.  It is even heavier in relation to our humid...

24.05.2024 100

American Thinker

James T. Moodey

Climate Change ‘Solutions’ Are Harming the Environment

Big government environmental “fixes” often result in unintended environmental or human health consequences that are worse than the original...

24.05.2024 70

American Thinker

H. Sterling Burnett

Redesigning Social Security

How might we change the premise of Social Security to make it fully funded, more equitable, and sustainable indefinitely? Social Security is...

24.05.2024 30

American Thinker

Joel K. Douglas

Catastrophe Ahead

My father was born into a tenant-farming family in western Oklahoma just a few years before even that meager existence was swept away by the...

23.05.2024 9

American Thinker

Jeffrey Folks

Dementia Joe Circles Back to Racism

Anyone who’s ever dealt with an Alzheimer’s (or dementia) parent or grandparent knows the routine -- they only talk about five or six topics...

23.05.2024 30

American Thinker

Sloan Oliver

An Effective Trump Presidency Requires Republican Control of Congress

Because virtually all the polling firms publish essentially the same results, there is little doubt that if an honest election were held today...

23.05.2024 50

American Thinker

Steve Mccann

Ending The Administrative State And Restoring Procreation To America

Under the general heading of “The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same,” we can note that both Romulus in ancient times and the USA...

23.05.2024 30

American Thinker

Molly Slag

Absolute Immunity Is Nothing New

Even as Donald Trump’s ongoing hush money trial eats up most of the former president’s media attention, America’s nine Supreme Court justices...

23.05.2024 20

American Thinker

Twilight Patriot

The Myth of the J6 Coup

We all hear the talking points of the left regarding President Trump. He’s going to end democracy… there will never be a free election again, he...

23.05.2024 50

American Thinker

Blaine L. Pardoe