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'If we overcome the fears that keep us silent and stuck, we can achieve so much'

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WE ARE ALL inundated with inspirational quotations about fear: ‘The only thing you have to fear is fear itself’ or ‘Feel the fear and do it anyway.’

These platitudes are easy to say, but often much harder to put into practice.

Even when we recognise that fear is an obstacle to our happiness, perhaps preventing us from pursuing what we want most, it can still be very difficult to work out ways to combat it; often we are too afraid to try.

And yet, if we can overcome the niggling doubts that plague us, the sometimes rational, and often irrational, fears that keep us silent and stuck, we can achieve so much.

Fear keeps us safe

One of the difficulties about overcoming our fears is that we learned from our very first days that fear keeps us safe; it stops us from putting ourselves in danger or taking unnecessary risks, so it can be hard to know when fear is protecting us from ourselves or just being a spoilsport.

If fear had its way, we would never take any chances at all, never take any leaps of faith, keep all apples safely in their cart. Like an overprotective parent, fear can keep you too safe and prevent you from taking advantage of the opportunities that life throws at you; it can drown out the internal instinct that whispers life could offer more for you.

I understand how difficult it is. From when I was a child, I always wanted to write but didn’t really try until I was already........

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