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Political-military crisis in the US and Turkey’s position

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Once the decline starts, it is not easy to stop, it comes back as a stocking ripped. It turned out that US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Staff Mark Milley made two phone calls with Chinese Chief of General Staff Li Zuocheng, assuring him that they would not attack Chine; that means even if former President Donald Trump ordered it. While accepting that he had phone calls, Milley said he did this not on his own, but in coordination with the Pentagon and “interagency” bodies.
This statement has increased the confusion. Trump’s last Acting Secretary of Defense, Christopher Miller, said he had not given Milley such an order, saying the calls to China were “a disgraceful and unprecedented insubordination” and that Milley, who kept his position under Joe Biden, should resign. Trump said it could end in treason. Biden, on the other hand, simply said, he has “confidence” in Milley. Secretary of Defense Austin Lloyd did the same.
If what Milley said is true, who else in the US government structure knew about the military-to-military call to China? Someone in the National Security Agency, the State Department, the CIA, the Permanent Mission to the UN, Congress, who? Did the American “deep state” (if there is one) has stepped in, in case Trump did crazy things to stay in power? So far, the only name in public is Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the House of Representatives. That was when Democrats were not in power and it seems the two talked about the possibility of Trump declaring or agitating war on China. Pelosi’s supporting answer was “He’s crazy, you know”. Let’s see who else will come out?

I wonder what Chinese President Xi Jinping thought when he received the news from General Li from his American counterpart. I’m really curious about the expression of satisfaction on his face. And when he got the message about the second phone call as the amid POTUS ranting about China?
It seems that Milley made the first phone call to Li, the head of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army, on October 30, before the November 3, 2020 elections, and the second on January 8, during the January 6, 2021 uprising, when Trump supporters, stormed Congress to keep the loser in power. It is understood that Milley sought his interlocutor throughout the entire process to appease the Chinese concerns that Trump could order a preemptive strike on them.
Did Xi inform his ally, Russian President Vladimir Putin, of this situation?
Will it also be disclosed that Milley or someone else from Trump Administration assured Russia without the knowledge of the President? Because Trump was also ranting Putin in those days.

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