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Reporter Who Sicced the Entire Internet on 1 Woman Just Made the Most Cowardly Move Imaginable

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Only three weeks ago, Washington Post reporter Taylor Lorenz became the darling of the left after literally crying on TV when she felt threatened by people attacking her on social media. But only days afterward, she led the internet in the most hypocritical act imaginable.

Early this month, Lorenz went on Twitter to say MSNBC ‘f***ed up royally” in airing an interview with her that increased her problem of being targeted for online harassment.

It’s mostly her own fault, granted. The whole mess started last year when she accused Silicon Valley investor Marc Andreessen of calling someone a “retard.” The woke crowd no longer allows the use of that word, so Lorenz attacked Andreessen for using it. But, in fact, he did not use the word. It was another person with whom Andreessen was speaking who said the “R-word.”

Lorenz, though, jumped on “R-word” and began attacking Andreessen over it. But her “reporting” was riddled with factual errors. It was such a baseless, low attack that liberal journalist Glenn Greenwald called Lorenz a “journalistic tattletale.”

Lorenz later compounded the problem during an interview with MSNBC early this month in which she actually broke out in tears and claimed to have “PTSD” over the attacks she suffered since her failed attempt to throw shade at Andreessen. She even said she contemplated suicide........

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