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A president with no empathy exploits the coronavirus crisis

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People are dying. Businesses are failing. Workers are losing jobs.

But above all we as a nation must keep in mind the terrible cost born by President Trump.

“It cost me billions of dollars to become president,” he said at a White House briefing Sunday evening that was, ostensibly, about the coronavirus response. He felt so proud of the sacrifice he’d gladly and selflessly made that he repeated the sentiment four more times. “I will saythat it cost me billions of dollars to be president and especially with all the money I could have made for the last three, four years.”

This was in response to a question about whether he had sold investments before the virus-induced market crash, as several senators did. Bizarrely, Trump responded with self-pity. “Look at my legal costs!” he went on. “I’m being sued all over the place, and doing very well, but it’s unfair.”

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So unfair! His tale of woe continued. “I think it’s very hard for rich people to run for office,” he said. He noted that George Washington was “supposedly” rich but didn’t suffer as Trump has for his wealth. “I got elected as a rich person, but nobody complained until I came along,” he said.

This soliloquy of self, at a briefing to the nation about desperate hospitals and scarce medical supplies, displayed the utter absence of empathy in the man. In a perverse twist on Bill Clinton’s famous phrase, the nation reels, and Trump cries out: I feel my pain.

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