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Remember 9/12

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Say you’re sitting at a red light. You just stopped. You’re dutifully switching between podcasts on your IPHONE. Maybe answering that text from your boss. You’re minding your own damn business. Maybe the driver who is right behind you is distracted. Their dog got loose in the back. Maybe their kids are crying. Next thing you know, they are attached to your rear bumper. You are pushed past the red light into the middle of traffic. Your airbags deployed and you have that delightful little powder in your eyes. People are yelling, confusion has set in. You're reeling.

How the hell did that happen? That is what 9/11 felt like. It felt like an assassin had snuck in Metal Gear Solid (God I hope someone gets this reference) style and repelled from the ceiling and got you by the throat. It was a fleecing. People were absolutely rattled. This article is mostly for the Twenty-Three and younger crowd. The generation that was either not yet born, or simply too young to remember it. I was in 2nd period Home Economics class (Is That still a thing?) I still remember my teacher all these years later. She was always a complete basket case she would often cry if students got out of line. We would have contests to see who could make her crack first. They........

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