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GUNTER: The Canadian academic indulging in Holodomor denial

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The raw numbers are appalling enough. During Joseph Stalin’s deliberate starvation of Ukraine in 1932 and 1933, nearly 4 million died. As many as 6 million more were born to malnourished parents and suffered severe (often deadly) birth defects.

In all, at least 13% of the population was murdered in 18 months through Stalin’s attempt to force collectivization of private farms and terrorize the independence movement in Ukraine.

But as awful as the statistics are, the personal stories are worse. American researchers in the 1980s collected case histories from hundreds of survivors and combed through the diaries of hundreds more who died.

One common memory was the way people simply dropped dead in the streets. They were so weak from starvation, they could not take another step.

Even before they died, their emaciated bodies began to swell and reek from lack of nutrition. (It’s a phenomenon you sometimes hear from today’s relief workers who........

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