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Churchill: A needed answer to mass shootings

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Decades ago, the legendary Chicago newspaper columnist Mike Royko claimed, with tongue firmly in cheek, that he had founded the National Association for the Legalization of Machine guns, Bazookas, Hand Grenades, Cannons, Land Mines and Anything Else That Goes Boom.

It might be time to get the group going again.

That's how I feel after reading some of the responses to a question I asked in my last column, which was: Why does anyone need a 100-round magazine like the one used in the Dayton massacre? To put it another way, why shouldn't they be illegal?

The response from Dean, retired from Army Special Forces, was typical of a few readers. He said larger-capacity magazines should be legal simply because hobbyists enjoy using them. "This concept is called 'freedom,'" he wrote.

Which brings me back to that column from Royko, whose satirical association was about pointing out the lunacy of thinking our right to bear arms covers every weapon known to man. Hand grenades and cannons also might be a blast, pun intended, but that doesn't mean we should be able to buy them at Walmart. That "freedom" should be limited.

Despite libertarian leanings, I feel the same way about large-capacity magazines, which are now........

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