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Modi’s lockdown beard is here to stay. It has much to achieve, politically

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi loves dramatics. This isn’t a jibe at him. He did tell a journalist once that his favourite subject in school was dramatics. This might explain a lot about him but that’s a discussion for another day. For now, let’s talk about Narendra Modi’s new look. And what goes into the making of a character with a new ‘avatar’.

Style isn’t that easy to achieve. You have to work on it, it demands discipline and time. The latter is a crucial factor, especially for those now in their 70s. For Modi, it took nearly six months — all through the lockdown. Modi wasn’t alone. Many of us, too, fancied our ‘enforced’ looks. But as soon as the lockdown was eased, we rushed to the barber’s shop. But not Modi. He continued to work on it. He has, as they say, ‘maintained it’.

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With the PM sporting long hair and a long beard, speculations are rife — some say he is practising social distancing, and that’s why he will not have a barber around. Those who believe in this theory are ignorant souls, or simply don’t understand the quotient of style and Modi’s politics. Have you ever observed how well kempt our PM’s beard is? If a barber isn’t grooming it, who else is? Unless he’s grooming it himself. And if that’s the case, then our PM is not only an expert on cloud cover, wind energy, cashless economy, history and catchy acronyms, but also understands hair styling. With hair styling, timing is very crucial. You have to let it grow first, then manage that fine cut, just when it begins to spoil your ‘image’.

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