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The real reason why super-rich BJP wants you to donate five rupees on the NaMo app

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It’s not the money they’re after.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants you to donate anywhere between Rs 5 and Rs 1,000 through an app named after himself – the NaMo app. This will, he says, encourage transparency in politics.

This is curious for many reasons.

First, the BJP doesn’t need such small amounts. The party is so rich that it made an income of Rs 1,000 plus crores in 2016-17 alone. By contrast, the Congress made a meagre Rs 225 crores in the same period. In an election year, the BJP will likely raise even more money given that it is expected to return to power, at worst with a coalition.

Second, if the idea is to encourage transparency, why did they introduce opaque electoral bonds through which crores of rupees are being donated god knows by who to which parties?

Third, why didn’t the NaMo app seek such donations earlier? Why has this programme come up just a few months before the 2019general elections?

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Fourth, it has been suggested that by seeking donations as little as Rs 5, the party is trying to portray an image of a poor man’s party. But given how much money the BJP spends on campaigning, do they really think anyone will think of them as a party so poor that it’s asking for five........

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