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Parenting from the Parsha: Parenting Consciously and Thoughtfully

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In this week’s parsha, the Torah introduces the story of Avraham’s search for a wife for Yitzchak with the following passuk- ואברהם זקן בא בימים וה’ ברך את אברהם בכל” “ “And Avraham was old, his days were coming, and Hashem blessed Avraham with everything [bakol]”. The commentaries try to understand the Torah’s intended message in this seemingly superfluous passuk. Rashi famously points out that the Hebrew word בכל is equivalent in gematria (numerical value) to the Hebrew word בן, “son”. Based on this equivalency, Rashi goes on to suggest that the Torah is reiterating that Hashem had finally blessed Avraham with a son who would continue his legacy. It was therefore time to find that son a wife to marry to share in this legacy. This passuk thus becomes a very fitting introduction to the story that follows.

Rashi’s interpretation seems to make great sense, based on the context in which this passuk is found. His comment, however, raises another important question- why doesn’t the Torah simply state explicitly that Hashem blessed Avraham with a son? Why make........

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