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An average guy is transformed by inexplicable adventures

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My life’s been like Forrest Gump’s. At every turn of the way something strange and unexpected has happened to me. Like the time I managed to weave my thousand dollar ’59 Mercedes through a major Vermont highway while suddenly discovering that my brakes were shot. I lived to tell the tale, but not my car whose name was Myrtle, not because she looked like a Myrtle but rather I liked the sound of the name. Anyways I survived but the car didn’t. As she miraculously slid through a small hole in traffic both she and I were plunged into a local river, head first. I managed to escape through the driver’s seat door which had been held closed by fish wire. Yes, there somewhere in there there has to be a joke, something like “Hey, you certainly went to a lot of trouble to catch a fish”. I swam to shore watching Myrtle take what was her last mud bath. That was 1973.

Vermont summers, however, were spectacular. One day I remember taking a bus to Burlington just for the heck of it. I had heard great things about the city and wanted to see it with my own eyes. Rumor had it that the city was open both socially and politically. I got off the bus and started walking around. I suddenly got an urge for an ice cream cone and asked a friendly local where I could get one. He motioned with his hand and said, “Over there in that green garage. It’s great stuff.” So I turned the corner and to my amazement saw a dozen and a half people lined up for ice cream. “It must be good!”, I said to myself, so I lined up too. As I finally approached the counter I saw a strange sight: two guys, one with bushy hair, the other, smiling profusely. The one that smiled was dishing out the ice cream and handing it to the guy with bushy hair. I asked for “pistachio”. It was amazing. I asked them their names: one said Ben, the other, Jerry….and the rest, legend. At that time Bernie Sanders, according to Wikipedia, began to weave his political career “as a member of the Liberty Union Party,........

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