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The Eternal Jew’s Tale, #07, In Search of the Garden, 2

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In this scene … Continuing from last week, the ancient sheikh completes his tale of local deities and their battles against Adonai.

The Eternal Jew’s Tale
Second Era, Part 4, ~190 CE

Again his gaze cut. He said,
“Childern love to hear the tale of how we fought and how we died. Really, these be ugly tales. But gods don’t fight their wars like men. You might think they sit back and watch, inspirin’ people with hapless zeal to go get hacked to pieces for them. That’s just the surface of the thing. Like the winds that blow and clash, stirrin’ up them dusty whorls; so the gods stir up our minds. There the battles take shape. God on god in the human gut.

“You think you’re seein’ the carcasses of gods piled and strewn on this waste expanse? These ain’t the gods but human idols, human temples, human attempts to lure the gods to come down here, like vassals preparin’ a feast for a king, spiffin’ their decrepit village homes. The best of their masons conscripted into servin’, to pave their miserable little squares in the hopes the king might see they exist, and come to help in troubled times. So too, these squares lined with statues and shrines; these columns and carved altars; these idols. They ain’t the stony skeletons of gods but the skeletons of human religious schemes built to get the attention of gods.”

“Damn. I was just waxin’ poetic. I know that!” I muttered annoyed. And I adds with a little prick of my own,
“I think there’s a minor detail you forgot. All this zeal and industry served another purpose, I’d venture. The priests ordained and the kings built these idols to keep the rabbley crowds at bay. Power above and powers below. It serves them both, wouldn’t you say?........

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