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The Eternal Jew’s Tale, #06, In Search of the Garden

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In this scene the Eternal Jew, heading east beyond Damascus, meets an ancient sheikh.

The Eternal Jew’s Tale
Second Era, Part 4, ~190 CE

Didn’t take long to see for myself that Damascus weren’t Aden, or even close, though it seemed appealing enough to Christians. But maybe east I’ll find the gates, there where the two cherubim* stand. I’ll try bargaining my righteous acts to enter. Ha! Me and all of Adam’s seed.
* guarding Aden

The Tigris and Euphrates flow outa Aden. Like the many rabbis fleein’ outa Rome, I decided my search should start in Bavel.* Mythic Babylon, they say, stood there, long, long ago. On those banks we wept out our psalms, learned to survive, takin’ our Lor on the road in search of Adens where we could lay in a grove of trees, suckin’ on the fruit of knowledge and life, and on them cool afternoons debatin’ our Lor.
* Babylonia, a region in the flood plain between the Tigris and Euphrates

So I figured Bavel might sit in Aden or at least be near, and maybe God moved back there, now that His throne in Jerusalem suited Him no more. Maybe God didn’t just up and leave this whole blasted world. Surprised myself! A flush of hope. Maybe God just took my hand an led me on. And maybe I’m a stiffneck fool. There’s no straight view through these Adamy eyes.

The desert will eat you south of Damascus, so me and everyone else those days takes the northern route. A few wells and a couple of scabby oasis holes, swamps, really, is all there is to set your direction through the sand. Oh, and Rome laid down some markers, too.

Dreary, dried up scapes these are,........

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