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A ‘wineing’ hypocrisy: The BDS movement in Canada

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Recently, both as an academic who studies the Holocaust and as a passionate Canadian Jew, I have been struggling to make liminal to others my fear of an increasingly troubling trend. That being the denigration of the actions of the BDS movement in Canada and internationally from disseminating anti-Israeli discourse to engaging in acts of anti-Semitism.

The issue is that often times the divergence from criticizing a nation-state to that of the shaming of an entire cultural/religious group is typically done on a nuanced level; which veils its harmful reality in the rhetoric of defending human rights and socio-political freedoms. This makes these transgressions, despite their dastardly intentions and demonizing consequences, less palpable to those not attuned to the modern global struggle against anti-Semitism. It is often easier to shy away from the task of revealing the anti-Semitic nature of the accusation than to confront those who go to such immense lengths to masquerade their intent, which is a shame because an egg can be rotten inside despite the purity of its outward appearance.

However, a recent report by Bnai Brith Canada’s The League for Human Rights has cracked the shell of the Canadian BDS movement and exposed its soured yolk. (https://www.bnaibrith.ca/bds-activist-promotes-sales-of-israeli-arab-wines-in-canada/). Although, given the manner of the latest sanctimonious undertaking by the members of the Canadian BDS movement against the global Jewry I am about to uncork, perhaps I should have fermented the article with more wine-like metaphors.

You see, there exists within the greater Canadian BDS movement an organization that comically bills itself as the Just Peace Advocates (JPA). The purpose of this group, per their website is as, “A Canadian based independent human rights organization promoting Just Peace/Paix Juste through the rule of law and respect for human rights in Canada and around the world for the Palestinian people and those that stand in solidarity for the human rights of the Palestinian people. Just Peace Advocates also has a specific focus on the realization of the self-determination of the people of Kashmir.” The statement is slightly ambiguous but it appears that their intent is to promote “just peace/paix juste”, for the Palestinian people and those globally who support the........

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