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Animal Abuse – A Matter of Party Loyalty? Seriously?!

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Recently, there was a vote in the Knesset to institute a law that would demand harsher punishment towards animal abusers. What is wrong with our political system that even a vote giving harsher punishment for animal abuse falls according to party lines? (And the proposed law was voted down because of the current coalition reality.) How in the world would this be an issue based on political ideology? Do only people in the middle/left care about animal abuse, and those on the political right don’t’ see why animal abuse is a problem? I don’t believe that is true.

So…what IS the problem with animal abuse? Maybe it’s not really an issue. So a few cats are burned in the Lag B’Omer bonfires. Boys will be boys, right? Maybe it’s better that people with rage inside get their heebie-jeebies out on animals rather than on people. Then they can calm down and act rationally later on. We all need to get out our aggression, otherwise we blow up, right? That’s why games like soccer and football, even checkers and the card game War are so important. Right?

Yes… and NO! What’s the difference between the two? The difference is that games have rules, the competition – and yes, aggression – is in our heads and no one actually gets hurt. Physical violence is against the rules. Aggression is directed into a positive direction and fun is had by all. At the end of the........

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