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Who will be my 2021 Antisemite of the Year?

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A true Christian stops the lying, pretense, and denial

We Jews do have true friends and allies, especially among Christians. But not too many. And often a hated powerless minority within their Church.

The 2021 Antisemite of the Year Contest is on. See the top semi-finalists. I have a different idea than to pick from 10 famous people they selected.

Not the famous, headline-grabbing Jew-haters make Jews cringe, uncomfortable, and unsafe. It’s the silent majority that doesn’t speak up.

Average Gentiles. They may even see themselves as friends of Jews.

Any proud Jew immediately sees and every timid Jew immediately feels their pile of prejudices against Jews they try to deny. But, as long as they behave nicely, who cares about those ‘hidden’ bigotries?

I do. Because it won’t stay hidden. In fact, they are unaware of how biased, unfairly, and oppressively they look at Jews. A few examples.


● They want recognition from Jews (and reassurance) all the time that they are nice. They get highly irritated when their pretense is exposed. Just like insecure men want women to reassure them constantly. They also want to be entertained and pampered. They need the spotlight. They are the new victims under scrutiny. They should be pitied and helped. Everyone needs reassurance and compliments but not all day long. And preferably, from your fellows. Ask other parents for praise, not your kids. Every Ally of any oppressed group must give up (what may look to them as) being a control freak and (what the oppressed feel as) oppressive.

● They reject Hitler, Nazis, and when Christian, they reject the Church’s anti-Judaic past. They point at the changes since Auschwitz. But they will say: it wasn’t me. Those were not real Christians. Or, they will say that the Crusaders were saints and could not have hated Jews. They find it impossible to say: These are our roots and I will do everything to stamp out Antisemitism in the Church. There are plenty of anti-Jewish Christian communities around still, proudly proselyting, opposing Jews, Zionism. (No pity for Jews made Christians revisit their relationships with us. The emergence and survival of the State of Israel tore down their conceit.) Advertisement

● They always tell us how much they ‘love’ us. This is the type of love as in ‘I love fish,’ and then eat one. That means: you love what fish does to you, your stomach. It’s a selfish love. If you’d really love fish, you would not eat them. They’re easily offended by any suggestion they harbor hatred. I’ve Jewish friends, family, neighbors, ancestry, love Israel, etc.! But, I don’t mind Gentiles really supporting Jews to get Divine love.

● They think that fighting Antisemitism is doing us a favor. Especially after the Holocaust ravaged the Jewish People. They fail to see that, if anything, the Holocaust rather discredited and was the moral downfall of Christian Europe. They should stand up against Jew-hatred to rid their own kind and life of this disease. It is a Gentile’s problem, not a........

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