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Moses blames rebellious Jews for his sinful anger?

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We will find four oblique references to the Ninth of Av

Many commentators want us to believe that Moses blames rebellious Jews for his sinful anger. They failed to convince me for several reasons.

1. No one can make you angry. We use excuses of what things remind us of to justify making ourselves angry. Moses could never stoop so low.

2. Several rabbis say that the Primordial Sin was not eating from the Tree of Knowing the Difference Between Good and Bad. As Rabbi Emanuel Quint once told me: We all sometimes eat something that, in hindsight, we’d better have refrained from. No, their fatal mistake was a denial of responsibility. Not me but the women You gave me, the snake who pushed me. G^d doesn’t even ask the snake for his justification. Moses, the greatest Prophet ever was repeating this Sin? Unthinkable!

‘Because of you,’ Moses says in many translations, ‘I can’t enter the land.’

Our prime Commentator Rashi says that Because of you is the translation of biglalchem here (Deuteronomy 3:26). Normally, and here still, says the Steinsaltz Bible, it means: For your benefit and honor. How so?

Chezkuni reminds us that the men who cried baseless tears on the Ninth of Av on the incitement by the Spies (Numbers 14:1) and the 2.5% who died every Ninth of Av for 40 years (ibid 14:29-35) were not evil. They were, like the whole of the........

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