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How Google and YouTube inadvertently created and maintain QAnon

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What follows is not my explanation. Rather, it is what I learned from the superb Dutch weekly satirical TV show “Zondag met Lubachabout QAnon. I’ll tell you, if they’d English-subtitle it, it’d become a worldwide hit. (I wrote this the day after the program aired. A week later, it has English subtitles and 1.6 million views, which is extremely high for a Dutch clip.)

They showed and explained how a sizeable number of the down-to-earth Dutch speakers suddenly began accusing the authorities of running a blood-of-children-drinking pedophiles ring and all media of brainwashing us to hide this horror from our knowledge or awareness. They shout: “cancerous mongol,” “traitor,” and “rapist of children” to ‘explain’ their stance. (‘Traitors’ traditionally is used by the Dutch to typify Nazi sympathizers during WW II.) We see civilians threatening politicians with murder because they are “betrayers of the people.” They scream “murderer” to the PM of the Netherlands. The harassment is so bad that he can’t go by bike to work anymore. In their opinion, only Trump can save us. Trump, was that not from another movie? If a nation that, in vast numbers, believes in UFOs and Hollywood goes crazy is one thing, but the cool, calm, collected Dutch?!

The Dutch show left out that much of this complot theory roots in classical anti-Semitism. (This is clearer in the anti-vaxxers who contradict the science of vaccination.) But it shared a solid explanation for how this went wrong: Google and YouTube caused this. And, therefore, just they can stop this.

I’d add, or politicians can help/force them to stop this. And the free media can help/force politicians help/force these Internet giants to........

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