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Too Perfect?

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Is “too perfect” a thing? Have you ever worried about being too perfect? Most of us worry that we aren’t perfect enough. But I know of at least one person who worried about being too perfect. Our collective grandfather, Abraham.

The Torah tells us that Abraham recovered from his circumcision in the home of his dear friend, Aner. The Midrash informs us that when G-d instructed Abraham to be circumcised, he consulted his friends, Aner, Eshkol and Mamre. Aner advised him against circumcision at his old age. Eshkol advised him to circumcise in private lest his enemies discover his weakness and attack him. Mamre told him that if G-d told him to circumcise, he should obey and not ask any questions. This is why Abraham chose Mamre’s home to recover from his circumcision.

On the surface, Mamre was right. Why would Abraham ask his friends whether to circumcise if G-d appeared to him directly and instructed him to do so?

Jewish mystics explained that this was one instruction that Abraham feared more than anything. Essentially, his fear was that he would become too perfect.

Angels and Humans
G-d created angels before He created humans. But despite the wondrous purity of the angels, G-d wasn’t satisfied with them. He wanted humans. The problem with angels is that they are too perfect. Angels don’t have evil inclinations. They are simply not subject to enticement. You can’t tempt them with a sin of any kind because they aren’t plagued by temptation.

Humans are broken vessels. Humans are drawn to all kinds of imperfections. We have pride, ego, lust, greed, indulgence, and........

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