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My Shabbat

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Today we have Myoffice, Mydrive, my-everything, so why not My-Shabbat?

At first blush, it ought to be our Shabbat, or most appropriately G-d’s Shabbat. How can we claim Shabbat for ourselves?

The answer is that we each have the capacity to enhance our Shabbat. Our sages wrote that only he who toils before Shabbat gets to enjoy Shabbat. The simple meaning is that he who prepares food ahead of Shabbat will have food to eat on Shabbat because on Shabbat we are not permitted to cook.

But there is a deeper meaning: He who spends his week generating Shabbat moments, enjoys a holier (and more complete) Shabbat. It works like this. Every time we use a moment, a resource, or an opportunity for holiness instead of self indulgence, we create a Shabbat moment in our week. When we pray during the week, these Shabbat moments ascend to G-d along with our prayers. When Shabbat arrives, our weekday prayers blend with our daily prayers and our Shabbat is enhanced.

The Fixed Day
This is a lovely idea, but it is problematic. After all, Shabbat is fixed, and we can’t unfix it. Unlike festivals that are determined by the day of the month, and therefore, by the calendar keepers, Shabbat is fixed. It begins each week on Friday night and ends when night falls on Shabbat. Its holiness is not generated by us, it is fixed by G-d. How can we enhance Shabbat?

This problem is even more complex when viewed through a spiritual lens. The mystics explained that the difference between Shabbat and the weekday is like the difference........

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