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Implicit Bias

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Implicit bias is the idea that we all harbor prejudices and stereotypes without our conscious knowledge. It rests on theory that since most of our actions are governed by our subconscious, implicit biases are more accurate predictors of our behavior than conscious values.

In other words, we don’t need to behave badly to be a bad person. We don’t even need to speak or think ill of others to be bad. All we need to do, is exist. We are bad by our very existence because we are implicitly biased. What’s worse, it is a non falsifiable accusation. You can’t deny implicit bias because you don’t even know you have it. Funny thing though. If you don’t know that you have it, how can your accusers know you have it? Can they explore your subconscious?

They know it because we all have bias. They have it too. And why? Because bias is endemic to human nature. It is how G-d created us. The Torah tells us that G-d deliberately demarcated borders between countries and boundaries between nations. G-d deliberately assigned each nation its own language and each people its own location to distinguish each from all others. Moreover, when the Jewish people were formed, they were, and still are, divided into twelve tribes.

Tribalism is ingrained in the very fabric of our being. We all have our people—our group. It gives us identity and shapes our character. With our nation, we share climate, culture, and language. With our community, we share values, orientations, and life principles. With our friends, we share character traits, interest, and passions. With our family, we share genetics and love.

By nature, we seek out and form community with those who........

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