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The root of antisemitism. Is there any safe haven for Jews?

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Disclaimer: Most of the contents of this blog are based on my opinion and experience. It is not a research document. I did not spend hours and hours poring over historical documents to support my opinions. That said, to paraphrase the late singer Lesley Gore. “It’s my blog, and I can write what I want to.” I stand behind what I have written.

Much of what follows has been discussed in previous blogs, but in light of recent events it bears repeating.

You may feel free to disagree. In fact. I welcome and encourage your comments. After all, despite recent events and despite what some biased, dogmatic and vociferous commentators would have you believe we still enjoy the protection of the Bill of Rights in this country.

It is often said that antisemitism is as old as recorded history. That is a nice, catchy sentence, but I maintain an inaccurate one. In my opinion, it PREDATES recorded history. It predates Jesus Christ; it predates Muhammad; it predates the Bible. It is simply as old as human existence. Many people have always hated Jews and probably always will. The issues of this blog are (1) why and (2) what, if anything, are the remedies.

Recorded history provides a plethora of examples of persecution of Jews. Some it has been overt. Examples include the Egyptians the Romans, the Spanish Inquisition, the pogroms, Muslim terrorists and, of course, the Nazis. Sometimes it has been covert, like in the US. Examples of this would be quotas enforced by colleges, country clubs and hiring. Many of these practices are ongoing.

These are........

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