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The Liberal World Order. The Left’s New Term for “America Last”

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Welcome to the Liberal World Order. Chances are most of you had not heard of this term until this week, much less understood what it means and how it affects us. In my view, it is a fancy term for requiring Americans to sacrifice for the benefit of the rest of the world since we don’t deserve what we have. Or, if you prefer, “America Last.”

Wikipedia defines LWO as “the body of rules, norms and institutions that govern relations between the key players on the international stage.” Got it? I’m not sure what all this gobbledygook means, and I bet few, if any, of the bloviators in the Dem Party or the media do either. To me, it sounds like an expression more relevant to the Stalin-era Soviet Union or present-day Communist China rather than the US.

President Joe Biden and his supporters in the Administration and the media have been continually urging us to support their economic policies in support of the LWO. For example, appearing on CNN, National Economic Council Director Brian Deese stated that “the future of the new world order [is at stake],” and “we have to stand firm.” On the contrary, GOP Senator Roger Marshall argued that “the Biden Administration has forgotten they work for the American people and not the ‘liberal world order.’ ”

In my view, the term LWO is being used by the far left to justify why (a) we are being forced to pay (according to AAA) a average of $4.84 per gallon for gas at the pump (up a whopping $1.72 from last July), (b) must allow masses of illegals to cross our non-functioning southern border at will, (c) close our eyes to the probability that some of those........

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