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This Nov. 29th, it’s time for Palestinians to reject rejectionism

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Increasingly over the years, the annual commemoration of the day in 1947 that the United Nations voted to partition Palestine into two states – one Jewish, one Arab – has turned into an anti-Israel hatefest. Events at the UN and around the world observe the day in solidarity with the Palestinians, using decades-old slogans, resolutions, and calls to action.

That the UN is the locus for these events is no surprise: Let’s remember that the UN has, at least since the 1970s with the passage of the infamous Zionism is racism resolution, been more interested in ideological warfare against Israel than real change.

The incongruity of this annual anti-Israel grandstanding is contrasted to the huge changes for better that are taking place in the region with the growing normalization process between a number of Arab states and the Jewish state. The element of breaking from a past that has harmed so many diverse peoples in the region compared to the wallowing in grievances going back decades is remarkable. It speaks to actually trying to change lives for the better as opposed to scoring political points that give the illusion of helping the Palestinians when they actually ensure their continued suffering.

It is easy to say that the normalization process fails to speak to the Palestinian issue and therefore is not a good model for behavior on that issue. While the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is more complicated and certainly more up-close, and the Palestinians have a set of grievances that are different and far deeper than the Arab states, what is more significant and instructive is the fact that whatever the level of objection, the way forward, to the benefit of all, is through a realistic assessment of problems and solutions as opposed to living in a world dominated........

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