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Transforming Struggles Into Triumphs (Parshat Vayigash)

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In this week’s parsha, Yosef and Yaakov embrace, and Yosef introduces his father, the patriarch of the family, to the most powerful person in the world, to Pharaoh.

And Pharoah is greeting the father of the savior of Egypt, and he asks him:

כמה ימי שני חייך
How old are you? [Genesis 47:8]

And Yaakov gives a protracted answer:

ימי שני מגורי שלשים ומאת שנה מעט ורעים היו
I am one hundred and thirty years old,
but know, Pharaoh, they’ve been challenging years.

ולא השיגו את ימי שני חיי אבותיי בימי מגוריהם
And I have not lived up to the years that my father and grandfather lived up to.
[Genesis 47:9]

The Ramban asks: Why does Yaakov have to complain about God? And in fact, multiple midrashim in multiple locations really suggest that because Yaakov basically complained about God, he’s punished for these........

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