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Why I am No Longer Talking to the Hard Left About Antisemitism

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We are good, in the Jewish community in England, at trying to fit in. Our tradition, if it can be called that, is about not making waves – the genteel top hats of the United Synagogue, both the fabric ones of yesteryear and the ones who run Jewish life in England, signal the need to fit in. Since the war, it was probably only the infection of a major political party with antisemitism under Corbyn, that roused us to action – the Chief Rabbi himself raising our collective heads above the parapet when he spoke out against Corbyn in public.

But underneath all this was, and is, a belief that this was just an aberration – the British people are fundamentally decent sorts, an opinion that my parent’s generation, brought up in the shadow of the war, strongly held to. Yes of course on one level it’s true, Britain, taken in the round, has been exceptionally good for the Jews, and more generally by any reasoned estimation is one of the best in the world to be born in to. But is has of course its problems and one of the them is both the growing influence of the hard left on public discourse and ideas, and through the hard left’s increasing brazen infection with antisemitism, the normalisation of anti-Jewish prejudice in every day life. So much so, that in recent days an influential British rapper can........

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