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Universalism & Pluralism are Reconcilable: But Realism is Needed

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Just as every generation thinks it invented… er… rock and roll...

Well, every generation thinks it has finally fulfilled the broken promises of a master concept, to boot!

And so it is that whether consciously and explicitly, or unconsciously and implicitly, every age has to struggle with the task of discerning and defining universal norms, and with deeper challenges of recognising that virtues and values stand above locality or time-bound virtues and values.

At the same time, the quest for universal requires proper regard for the varieties of human experience, tastes and traditions.

The tension between both concepts can seem so huge, that some have simply given up on attempting any reconciliation of these two master virtues and meta-values.

Daesh put Universalism over Pluralism: a world empire that confused the universality of morality with an imperative to universally enforce the norms perceived as universal; and at the point of a sword, at that!

The same can be said about the Nazis.

And the CCP too; especially as since over time, any pretence at traditional socialist internationalism (however one might judge the merits of demerits of the latter) has been finally dropped, and decades-long attempts have been made to use rather different economic strategies of influence…

Of which more later, as my running expose of the Red Fascist dictatorship continues, and as I continue appealing for a worldwide United Front that runs like a thread of gold across the entire world; including, but not limited, to the Occupied Nations of Tibet, East Turkestan, and Mongolia, and even Occupied Hong Kong; after all, imperialism cuts both ways!

Thus much for anti-pluralism: from Mussolini to Mao, from al-Baghdadi to Albert Speer, the threat of a shallow universalism is clear.

Universalism, in order to be authentic, must take pluralism seriously, rather than rejecting it.

Hence the necessity to reject all anti-pluralist forces, from David Duke to Deng Xiaoping, from Richard Spencer to the Rangoon junta.

But of course, pluralism has its deep and shallow forms too.

Pluralism, insofar as it is authentic, does not reject universalism, but insists on some clear red lines.

Liberty does not mean licence: this means, for example, that sex-segregated prisons should be run in the traditional manner, rather than using them as human vivisection labs for the kinds of wildly eccentric experiments in living that have sent John........

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