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Critical Race Theory and the Jews

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The curriculum of the K-12 schools in all California is lately being radically changed under the pressure of the proponents of the “Critical Race Theory”, and the Jews in the new curricula appear as part of the class of “white people” oppressing the indigenous “people of color”, who should repent for the “whiteness” if they live in the US, and should be boycotted if they live in Israel.

The original “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” for California K12 schools presented in 2019, lately renamed by its proponents as the “Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum” (“LESMC”), is full of antisemitic content [See Reference 1]. The approval of the new “Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum”, (“ESMC”) in March 2021 [See Reference 2], for which many Jewish organizations fought so hard, did not solve the problem, since it was immediately downgraded in July 2021 by the California Legislature as “one possibility out of many” that the K12 schools in California can adopt (Assembly Bill AB-101, approved on July 15, 2021) [See Reference 3]

In fact, the antisemitic LESMC will become in the coming years the de-facto curriculum adopted by a significant number of school districts in California [See, for example, Reference 4], which, by law, have to implement now “Ethnic Studies” courses at K12 schools: there is a cadre of professors and lecturers at the California universities, teachers in K12 schools (graduated from the “Ethnic Studies” departments at the California universities) and private “consultants” – all ideologically committed to the LESMC – who are being presently hired by local K12 school districts to implement the LESMC curriculum. The LESMC is the only well-developed Ethnic Studies program in town: the new ESMC approved in March 2021 only exists on paper and there is no cadre of committed professors, lecturers, K12 teachers and consultants behind it needed to implement it in K12 schools. “Curricula” are not implemented at schools, they only provide guidelines: actual materials, lectures and textbooks are what rank-and-file teachers need.

This will be a long fight and perhaps the Jewish community in California has already missed the train. It could perhaps limit the damage only in school districts where the local Jewish community is well represented and actively engaged.

I do not pass judgement about the intrinsic value of some aspects of the “Critical Race Theory” philosophy. This can be discussed at the Universities, in the same way that other philosophies and philosophers are, from “The Republic” by Plato to “The Capital” by Marx.

However, the proponents of the “Critical Race Theory” should first clean up their house and get rid of the antisemitic elements in their midst: their........

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