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Defending the indefensible

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Lithuanians are shaking in their jackboots. The capitulation of western forces in Afghanistan has Lithuania seeking reassurance that their protectors will have spine enough to defend them from Russia. They should be afraid.

One Lithuanian response is to “virtue signal” (falsified values to transmit a desired image) how western oriented they are. How much they share European values. Their enemies are horrendous. These claims are factually deficient.

Lithuania puts across the false image of being a human rights haven. Human rights are not a consideration. The similarities between Russia and Lithuania in their treatment of gay citizens are equally repelling.

Lithuania, by virtue of the current world situation, is just one country facing a refugee immigration “crisis”. Belarussian (white skinned) refugees entering Lithuania are welcomed. Dark-skinned refugee immigrants are rejected. Lithuanian representations of “human rights” are almost completely dependent upon race, religion and sexual orientation. This marginalization results in racist conduct, effectively making Lithuania appear to be a nation of white supremacists.

To gratuitously give in to EU requirements, Lithuanian officials are begrudgingly admitting a mere 176 Afghan refugees. Of course, Lithuania has an expected “safety net” that these intruders will leave Lithuania for Germany, England, France or Sweden, as quickly as possible.

Lithuania petulantly tweets about Russian disinformation and misinformation. This is stunning hypocrisy since Lithuania itself is guilty of extensive holocaust revision and denial. This disgusting display of misinformation in regard to the Holocaust, and Lithuanian collaboration is much more egregious than plain ordinary rubber stamp Russian racism.

An example is this cunning tweet by the current Prime Minister of Lithuania: Screenshot from Twitter

These coordinated talking points from Lithuanian Government officials all claim to mourn the victims of nefarious regimes such as Communists and Nazi’s. Somehow, they forget to mention the 220,000 Jews that were murdered mostly by Lithuanian citizens themselves. These murders are all branded with the Nazi stigma to shift blame away from Lithuania and absolve themselves of the criminal slaughter of their Jewish minority. This blind hatred is prime Holocaust revision and denial.

The murders in Lithuania were intimate. Savage and brutal Lithuanians, in a blood frenzy, raped and slaughtered. This was not an organized, consciousless mechanical murder operation. It was simply Lithuanian neighbors finally, freely allowed and encouraged to murder their Jewish neighbors.

Under 1,000 SS were posted in Lithuania, so there were only one or two Nazi’s present at the killing festivals, often none. This resulted in a catastrophic 96.4% of Lithuanian Jews dispatched into abattoirs. The epic cruelty displayed by Lithuanians was astonishing, there are records and nightmare memories of Jews actually seeking protection from Nazis. Nazis would just murder, without the carnival atmosphere of the most appalling public enjoyment of tortures and humiliations[1].

To date Lithuania has never punished a single murderer of a Jew. They have gone so far as to make many of their murderers into their national heroes. This is a statement of Lithuanian national values.

From September 1939 to June 1941, Germany controlled millions of Jews in the western half of Poland. There was severe discrimination against Poles and Jews, but no mass-murders. Lithuania demonstrated the roadmap to genocide. In the summer of 1941, Germans had no specific plan for “inferior races”. The goal was Lebensraum – the conquest of European land. The Holocaust was put into motion by Germany on January 20, 1942, AFTER Lithuanians had almost completed the........

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