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Author Wants Jews Expelled from USA; Sent to Israel

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(Note: Views in this column are solely mine. My family, friends and faith are independent of my personal views. Some hyperlinks are to civil-rights organizations in the hope that you will report this website to the organizations hyperlinked. One individual is often ignored. Hundreds or thousands are not so easily ignored. I’ve included other hyperlinks for educational purposes; however, please read the entire article before clicking so you have a better idea regarding this vile effort to deport Jews from America.)

In my first column in this two-part series, I wrote about author Mr. Thomas Dalton’s anti-Semitic essay on the website “Russia Insider.” This photo shows the title page of The Protocols of Zion. The photo is in the public domain and was acquired from Wikipedia.

Mr. Dalton’s writing is so malodorous and potentially dangerous that I have included verbiage from it in an effort to sound an alarm.

His writing reminds me of Henry Ford’s “The Dearborn Independent,” which, among many vile deeds, published the debunkedProtocols of the Learned Elders of Zion.” Mr. Dalton also reminds me of the loathsome radio commentary of disgraced Father Coughlin in pre-World War II America.

Many people throughout the world continue to believe in the hoax of “The Learned Elders of Zion.” The debunked conspiracy theory is trafficked in the Middle East, Asia, Europe, the United States and many other places. You can even purchase the fraudulent protocols at numerous places that advertise online. It is important to note that Mr. Dalton’s efforts to impugn all Jews with collective guilt is not much different than the protocols’ conspiracies.

“Once we have established the facts of Jewish supremacy, the next typical response is: ‘So what?’ Mr. Dalton wrote in the “Russia Insider” column. “The reply to this is simple: Americans are virtual slaves to Jewish interests, and are allowing themselves to be brainwashed, degraded, and deceived in the process.

“Literally trillions of dollars are being diverted to Jews and their institutions, primarily from the pockets of hard-working Whites. And primarily White soldiers are fighting and dying in the American military, simply in order to make the world safe for Israel and Jews globally. The costs to society could scarcely be higher. Jewish supremacy must end, now.”

This volatile language made me think about potential violence resulting from someone incited by it. I wondered if that were a possibility. According to “Antisemitism as an Underlying Precursor to Violent Extremism in American Far-Right and Islamist Contexts,” published in October by Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens, Bennett Clifford, Lorenzo Vidino:

“Antisemitic beliefs often serve as a key entry point for individuals to radicalize, join extremist groups, and progress into violent mobilization. … Antisemitism also helps to dehumanize possible targets of violence, a process often seen as a key component of mass violence against a specific group. This photo shows a German-American Bund parade on East 86th St., in New York City, on Oct. 30, 1939. It was dedicated to installing a Nazi dictatorship in the United........

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