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The Palestinians are prisoners of their own narrative

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In the Israel-Palestinian conflict, there are maximalist people on both sides: the people who want all of Israel/Palestine and don’t acknowledge that the other side has any legitimate rights over the land. But this is where the symmetry ends. Despite the maximalists among them, the Israelis have repeatedly agreed to settle for much less than everything, but the Palestinians have never agreed to settle for anything less than everything, leaving the Palestinians with practically nothing and leaving Israel with practically everything.

It is easy to jump to the simplistic conclusion that since the Palestinians have so little and Israel has so much, Israel must be at fault, but it is the wrong conclusion.

The deeply engrained problem of the Palestinians is that they have convinced themselves so much of the narrative that they constructed that they are completely incapable of deviating from it. As I showed in a previous post, even the most peace-oriented Palestinians cannot get themselves to settle for anything less than everything.

In the Palestinian narrative, the Jews are European colonialists who stole their country, Palestine, and if the Palestinians resist long enough, the colonialists will be discouraged and they will leave, just like other colonialists have left in the past.

The problem with that narrative is that there isn’t much in it that resembles reality.

The Jews have millennia of history on the land of Israel, far longer than Palestinian history. There has never been, at any time in history, an independent state called Palestine, and even the Palestinian people itself is a recent development, far more recent than the Jewish people. The Palestinians also ignore the fact that the Jews re-built Israel partly out of necessity because they needed a state........

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