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Palestinians and others should learn from Jews about anger management

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A running joke within the pro-Israel community is that every day is a “day of rage” for the Palestinians. That isn’t exactly true, but it isn’t far from the truth either. Just recently, various Palestinian factions declared a “day of rage” in support of six escaped murderers. This latest “day of rage” should help achieve Palestinian statehood any day now… I’m being cruel perhaps, but it’s hard to be sympathetic in the face of an endless self-defeating anger that achieves less than nothing for the Palestinians. Why not channel their energies towards supporting nation building rather than supporting murderers?

If any people has the right to be angry, it’s the Jews. Between the years 1941 and 1945, six million Jews were murdered in cold blood and under horrific conditions. If the Jews had come out of those years transformed into terrorists, it would not have been surprising, but instead of hating, destroying, and having “days of rage”, they summoned all their energies and all their courage to build a state despite enormous obstacles. They built by far the most democratic, the most egalitarian, the most diverse, the most respectful of human rights, and the most successful state in the Middle East today or at any time in history.

The Palestinians were offered a state in 1947 through the United Nations Resolution 181. Instead of seizing the opportunity of having a state of their own for the first time in history, they and........

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