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Trump and his Proud Boys: Are you scared yet?

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The past four years of Donald Trump occupying the White House have induced more than their share of scary moments.

Kids in cages. Men killed by police boots on their necks. The American government using weapons and unmasked cars to attack or even kidnap its own people in peaceful protests….I can go on.

It’s a long list.

But no singular moment compares in its frightening intensity to the moment this week when Trump told the Proud Boys, a group of violent, racist, anti-Semitic, white supremacist fanatics to ‘stand by’. From the largest podium he could find. The presidential debate. Watched by 73 million people. He sent a clear and unmistakable signal to this group, his people, to stand by.

Stand by for what?

What instructions from Trump are they waiting for?

Are we even ready to know what Trump is planning here?

A defining clue is that The Proud Boys are excited. They are already celebrating this massive boost from the president. And getting their stuff ready.

For something. Do we know for what?

I think we do.

I mean, Trump has already said many times what he is planning between now and January 20 when he may theoretically be expected to leave the White House. He isn’t even trying to hide it. He has a plan.

Trump has one goal: to stay president, no matter what it takes.

No matter what it takes. That means using every tool at his disposal – the justice system, the electoral college, the postal system, the media, the army – and now, lethal weapons.

Yes, guns. He has been telling his base for a while to get their guns ready.

To get their guns ready for what? For a battle to keep him in office. Don Trump Jr. called for armed........

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