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Israel and Hanukkah: Jewish Pride Amidst the Nuances

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A story from 45 years ago which I remember glimmers of….

I was on my dad’s shoulders, but there were people all around. It was a little overwhelming. Feeling that I would fall off, I grabbed his kippah. That didn’t really help. So I grabbed his head with its thinning hair, feeling slightly more secure amidst the throngs of people, though I may even have taken a few strands out. (Image from IDF Flickr via Wikimedia Commons CC BY-SA 3.0)

Bicentennial Logo Commissioned by the American Revolution Bicentennial Commission, members appointed by President Gerald Ford for Celebratory and event purposes, 1975-1976. (Image via Wikimedia Commons, public domain)

We were in the center of Jerusalem on July 4th, 1976 and Israel was celebrating America’s Bicentennial. I remember the flags – American and Israeli – hanging from the light stanchions. It was a great street party and the joy was palpable.

Suddenly, the mood shifted and the exuberance grew; there were shouts of joy, although as a child I did not fathom what they were about.

Later on, I learned that the Jews who were kidnapped and taken to Uganda by pro-Palestinian terrorists had been saved in one of the greatest rescue missions of all time.

As the news spread, the celebration in Israel grew along with a deep feeling of Jewish and Israeli pride.

When Israel was created, one of its aims was to bring together Jews from around the globe and protect them. This felt like such a feat to the nth degree.

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When I look back at this event and my own learning about Israel in the 1970s it was a clear case of good versus bad. Israel was the good actor, while the terrorists and other countries that supported them were the bad. Advertisement

It was that simple. (Image via Amazon.com)

The Yom Kippur War was another prime example of that; Israel was attacked and almost totally overrun until it regrouped, repelling the invaders from Egypt and Syria who were intent on the destruction of Israel.

Good versus evil.

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