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Aeqev – Consequences

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The word mishpat (משפט) is a declaration made by a shophaet (judge) that provides clarification and instruction. However, when used allegorically, mishpatim represent declarations rationally deduced from God’s bringing forth of existence (Y-H-W-H) and God’s guidance being presented in experience (Elohim) that can provide clarification and instruction about the course and direction of one’s life. The consequences (עקב) of being attentive to God’s mishpatim – observing them and doing them – is that God remains obliged (נשבע) to each of us to provide what can be clearly understood in experience (ברית) and what can be considered of experience (חסד) as a result of our taking notice of things (fathers). Consequently, God will then bless the scatterings of your bursting forth into experience (בטנך), and the scatterings of your being mentally absorbed with experience (אדמתך); your becoming acquainted with something (דגנך), and your driving into it (תירשך), and your narrowing in so as to make it perfectly clear (יצהרך); what is drawn in of your acts of familiarizing (שגר אלפיך) and the dissemination and proliferation of your consideration (עשתרת צאנך) – upon one’s being mentally absorbed with experience (האדמה). Additionally, HaShem will remove any weakness (חלי) and any loss of strength (מדוי) associated with an act of feverishly focusing upon the many things narrowing in of experience (מצרים), that are weakening – that you acknowledge. In doing so, you will embrace (eat) all of the being mindful of the many things crowding in from experience (peoples) that God’s bringing forth of existence (Y-H-W-H) and God’s guidance being presented in experience (Elohim) is giving to you. Nevertheless, you mustn’t hesitate by allowing your eye to overly consider them (תחוס עינך) or by overly devoting attention to their guidance (אלהיהם) because that will be a snare to you.

Perhaps you are intimidated by the shear numbers of potential things with which to engage found in experience – for many are the ways of drawing inward into things (nations) in experience that are advancing forward (רבים הגוים האלה)? Perhaps you believe that it is too much and you could not........

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