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Responding to Senator Bernie Sanders

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In the The New York Times (May 14), U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders wrote an essay entitled “The U.S. Must Support an Evenhanded Approach in the Middle East” (and, unusually, 24 hours later, retitled “The U.S. Must Stop Being an Apologist for the Netanyahu Government”).

Whatever the title, the thrust of the senator’s comments remains exactly the same.

Given the timing, this presumably means an appeal to the United States to move to the 50-yard line in the latest round of Hamas-triggered conflict with Israel.

Forgive me, an evenhanded approach?

To become evenhanded between the aggressor and the victim?

Between the arsonist and the firefighter?

Between the tyranny and the democracy?

Between Iran’s proxy and the country Iran seeks to annihilate?

Between the group initially designated as a terrorist organization by the Clinton Administration and the staunch American ally?

Between the group that calls for “Death to America” and the country that built a memorial to the 9/11 victims?

Between one of the most regressive groups on earth and one of the world’s most progressive countries?

Between the group that denies rights to women, LGBTQ, and minorities and the country that protects those rights?

Between the group that openly seeks Israel’s annihilation and the country that won’t let it happen?

Between the group that uses civilians as human shields and the country that seeks to shield civilians?

Between the group that squanders precious funds to build cross-border tunnels and deadly missiles and the country that allocates precious funds to build tunnel-defense and missile-defense systems?

No, this shouldn’t be about........

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