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After the Flood, how will you emerge from the Ark? (Eruvin 79)

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God tells Noah to build an ark for a Great Flood that will last for forty days. Forty days cooped up inside a wooden cage – not wonderful, but manageable. And so into the ark he goes. But the rain continues. And even once it has subsided, the earth remains drenched. It’s not until over a year later that he is finally able to exit the ark.

Can you imagine how constrained and claustrophobic he must have felt for all that time, not knowing when he would return to normality? Even when he does eventually emerge, the world is nothing like he remembered. All his friends and extended family are gone. The infrastructure has all been destroyed. He realises that it all recommences with him. At that point, “Noah the man of the earth began by planting a vineyard.”

And what’s the next thing that happens after you plant a vineyard? Noah gets drunk and demeans himself. Noah, who could have been remembered as the ‘family man’, the ‘spiritual man’, or the ‘society-building man’, chooses to become the ‘man of the earth’, disgracing his legacy for all eternity.

אָמַר רָבָא: הָנֵי תַּרְתֵּי מִילֵּי, סָבֵי........

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