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Will the sun never set here? Enjoy it while you can

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Israel turns 73 this week with much to look back fondly on. The country is in many ways a mind-blowing success. But it is dying, by suicide no less. Successful people sometimes go down this path as well.

Some countries’ demise would not cause many to lose sleep. Many state entities are fictitious, a no few are instruments of oppression, almost none achieve much of lasting worth. But to understand just how sad the demise of Israel would be — and by suicide at that — let us examine the glass half full.

For starters, though most of the country’s population originates from despotic places Israel has built an impressive democracy (inside the Green line). It’s not propaganda, skeptics; this is not a fake democracy like Turkey’s or Russia’s. Elections are free, rights are protected overall, and despite the current semi-authoritarian leadership checks and balances prevail.

Even though the country has few natural resources and has suffered various forms of boycott over the years, it has built an impressive economy that with about $40,000 dollars per year per capita rivals western Europe and squeaks into the world’s top 20.

Israel’s tech sector is an international marvel, widely considered among the world’s most innovative. It has the country produced breakthroughs and champions (from Checkpoint in cyber to Waze and Mobileye in transport automation to Taboola in ad tech and much more). It hosts genuinely major research centers of most leading technology companies from Intel to Facebook to Google. And played a major role in the creation of technologies from the cellphone to instant messaging. As just one indicator, Israel leads the world in venture capital committed with $414 per capita – almost 50% than in the United States, three times the figure in Britain, and 20 times China with most of the world nowhere on the chart.

Israel also has an eye-popping assortment of achievements that make it something of a Renaissance Country: Its health system is in some ways a global model, as evidenced by its Covid........

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