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The War Against Ourselves

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In the Jewish community we are fighting a war against ourselves. Interdenominational politics and disagreements are as old as Judaism itself. We know that the Second Temple was destroyed because of unacceptable infighting. It was, after all, a group of Jews who opened the Gates of Jerusalem to the invading Roman hordes.

During the second World War, the Berguson Group and Ben Hecht were labeled as terrorists by Rabbi Stephen Wise and his Roosevelt admirers. How many millions of Jews could have been saved, had the Jewish community supported the efforts of the likes of Ben Hecht is interesting speculation. Unfortunately, we are not alone. Lest we forget Catholics and Protestants killed each other for centuries. Muslim sects are still practicing genocide against one another.

Today, the Jewish publications are filled with stories about the differences between conservative and liberal or progressive Jews. Fortunately, the Jewish community is becoming more diversified, at least politically. This is a good sign. The Jewish community should not be owned by any political group.

At one time, the Jewish community was thoroughly in the corner of the Republicans. President Grant earned and received the admiration of the Jewish community after he excluded Jews from his military district during the Civil War. In those days, it was the Democrats who were segregationists and many of them remained so until the 1960s.

However, I recently ran into a situation that made me realize that our differences are not political alone. In fact, there is a deep religious schism within our community that is both destructive and offensive.

I was recently at the home of a Jewish man, a professional fellow, extremely bright and well educated. He does not have much of a Jewish background or education himself,........

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