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The Succa – A Paradigm For Life!

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Mitsvot come in all shapes and sizes and cater for each of our faculties. There are precepts designed for the hand and for the eye, for the heart and for the brain, for one’s ears and for one’s tongue. But the mitsva of succa, uniquely envelops our whole body.

Not only that. It embraces the entire body of the family in one thrust. Parents and children, dispersed the rest of the year throughout all the rooms of the house (what’s mealtime!) are brought together under the protective, if fragile, roof of the backyard succa. (Moreover the accompanying Succot mitsva of arba’a minim lulav, etrog, hadasim and aravot – can be said to symbolise the nuclear family!)

It should not surprise us, therefore, when we peruse the halakhot, the various detailed regulations regarding how a succa is made, if we discover educational lessons for life embracing parents and children.

Firstly, a basic law of succa-construction states that we must first build the walls and only afterwards lay the sekhakh (covering) on the roof. Were one to just secure four poles in the earth and then rest laurel-leaves, palm-fronds or bamboo on top, it is invalid and will have........

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