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ACUTE ANGLES: Should I Convert?

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Dear Rabbi. I was brought up Catholic but have long ceased to believe a word of what Christianity teaches. I do however have a strong belief in the one G-d and feel His presence over me. I have read much of the “Old Testament” (the Tanakh) and its laws, ethics and messages strongly resonate with me. I have also read and been inspired by Donin’s classic To Be A Jew. I feel a great warmth towards the Jewish People! I been seriously considering conversion for some time but each time I tell my Jewish friends I’m going to do it, they try to dissuade me. They say why not stay a Noachide and keep just seven commandments instead of the far more challenging load that the Torah requires for Jews. Interestingly I was circumcised as a baby as it is a tradition in my family. (I think my paternal great-grandfather was Jewish.) I have been told that you tutor a lot of converts and so you may be in a good position to offer advice. Is it as hard as my friends make out? How should I decide whether or not to convert? I should add that I am unattached and have no kids. Thank you for your advice. Yours, Stu.

Dear Stu,

It sounds like your friends are Jewishly savvy. If so, they are kind of doing the right thing. The Beth Din (court of at least three highly-qualified rabbis) who would interview you if you applied would also do their utmost to discourage........

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