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The First Slave Owner in Virginia was not Jewish or European

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There has been a growing belief that all Jews are of European decent and all Europeans who came to the Americas owned African slaves. Historically, there is no basis for the belief other than desire to believe it is true. Racial justification is based on an old hatred that alters form while remaining hatred. Jews, as historical records prove, are not of European origin and most have no lineage in Europe, but that does not stop them from being classified as white by those who are inclined to base things on race.

In 1619, shortly after the first laws were passed by representative government in Virginia, the English privateer ship, The White Lion, arrived in Virginia with what was noted as ‘twenty and some odd Angolans.’ The number is believed to be closer to thirty. They had been taken from a Portuguese ship who had intended to take them to Mexico to be sold as slaves.

Upon arriving in Virginia, the Angolans were traded for supplies and became indentured servants, since there was no law allowing for slavery. Indentured servitude was the standard for the British, which was harsh and resulted in short life spans. Most, regardless of origin, did not survive their contracts, but none were held beyond what the contract allowed without violation of the law.

One of the Angolans was a man named John Gaeween, who changed his name to Gowen. He was the first to be free of the contract, since he saved up the money he needed to pay for his freedom.

Following his freedom, he married Margaret Cornish, who was born somewhere in England, but the exact location is not known. What is known is that she was a white woman who violated no law and did not marry in secret. The obsession the people of this........

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