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The problem of “Antisemitism” in the world and the failure in creating homeland by colonial powers after world war

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One would assume that the large number of Jewish people who lived in Eurasian Lands (Europe and Asia) over many centuries after Assyrians and Romans exiled them from their homeland, should have been granted the right to reclaim their homeland, regardless of the modern demographic alteration. The second world war I and II and Nazi’s genocides compelled colonial powers to create the condition for establishing homeland and return of the Jews to their ancestral land.

Winston Churchill was an anti-Semite and “colonial-minded” British Prime Minister, who oversaw the execution of the world war against Nazi Germany. At the end of the war, the British were nearly bankrupt after draining the resources of their Empire. In haste, they redrew the maps and created new nations, while ignoring the history of the native lands. Israel and India became victims of ill-conceived map-making exercises.

In the case of both modern countries, the results were full of grief, loss of valuable possessions, family separation, and incorrect demarcation of land that created partition. In the case of Israel, there should be more territory apportioned because of the larger diaspora of Jewish people living overseas due to historical circumstances that were imposed on them by Romans and other invaders.

In the case of India with centuries of Muslim rule and forced conversion, the Bengali-speaking people with common Hindu ancestry were divided between majority Hindu west Bengal and Muslim North Bengal that is now the independent nation of Bangladesh. The same thing happened to the great state of Punjab that was divided into religious lines between Hindu and Muslims. The people on both sides lost their homes and possession and became refugees.

The political competition between two freedom fighters, both London educated, ultimately led Lord Mountbatten, a royal cousin of reigning monarch Elizabeth II, to partition India. Interestingly, the contest between Pakistan’s founder........

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