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And now you know the rest of the story… or do you?

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For those of you who live in Israel, you may not know the late Paul Harvey of blessed memory. I grew up with Mr. Harvey, every summer during Scout camp in Maryland where we listened on the local radio station three times a day. “Stand by for NEWS!”, he’d say, and we couldn’t wait to hear the stories he’d tell. And it wasn’t always the news you’d hear on the major news networks, many times they were personal stories or small-town paper stuff. Didn’t matter – this man knew how to tell it, and his distinct voice will forever be in my ears.

Mr. Harvey was, for all intents and purposes, what I’d call a mid-west conservative, a bit to the far right some would say, definitely by definition a Republican, although I never asked to see his voter registration card. No question, Mr. Harvey was very much a promoter of ‘family values’ and went to church regularly, but did you know that he supposedly coined the terms ‘Reaganomics’, ‘skyjack’, and ‘guesstimate’? No, me neither, until I researched for this blog article. And yes, I am aware that he befriended the likes of Mitt Romney and Billy Graham, as I’m sure some of you who do remember him may remind me.

You may ask why this week I bring up the subject of a once famous radio broadcaster from the USA in a blog on the Times of Israel? What relevance could there be to what’s going on in the world, or the ‘Middle East conflict’ (as he might call it)?

I agree – it’s odd that I would think about writing my first ever blog post on TOI and recount a story of my youth about a man that probably never visited Israel. In fact, I don’t know if he did or didn’t, but I would think he would have wanted to. Perhaps one of you out there knows for sure.

So why now? When you get a chance, I’d like you to do a little internet homework and search on his Landon lecture from 2003. There you will find an interesting remark in his speech........

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