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The King and We

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The Parsha in Chesed – Miketz

Pirkei D’rebbi Eliezer (16:16) states that חתן דומה למלך” “- a bridegroom is compared to a king. By association, we can say that a bride is compared to a queen.

The explanation is that as the groom and bride wear expensive clothing, are escorted and celebrated upon, they in fact resemble “royalty”. While all of that makes sense there must be something deeper than the externals of the new couple.

The statement of Pirkei D’rebbi Eliezer should have meaning that applies beyond the superficial.

I believe that the deeper lesson comes from the dreams in Parshat Mikeitz.

Paroh’s dreams include 7 healthy and 7 scrawny cow, 7 healthy stalks followed by 7 withered ones. These dreams greatly disturb not only his sleep but his peace of mind.

Paroh turns to his close advisors for an explanation. They all give interpretations, but none are satisfactory to Paroh. All the narratives involve something personal to or about Paroh. He knew that these could not be the true messages of his dreams.

As the king of Egypt, Paroh understood that everything about him must relate to........

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