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A woke left BDS campaign against Israel dooms all Jews

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As you read this essay, please keep this one thought in mind: in today’s new woke left world of terror, there’s an insidious plan to destroy Israel and our survival as Jews.

Recently, in Durham, NC, a resolution was stealthily presented (and quickly passed) to stop the training of the Durham, NC police department by Israeli military and police forces. Since there were/are no plans for that training, on its face the resolution may appear to be meaningless. But, at its core, and by it’s passage, it is an absolutely, chilling, anti Semitic act to single out Israel (and no other country). Shortly after the resolution’s passage, covert permission was given for overt acts of written and spoken anti semitism (which seem to be protected by the First Amendment but which would not be tolerated if the speaker or writer were White and the recipient of the vile hatred were Black). Thinking Jews in Durham are in shock and have a right to be very afraid.

Other overt acts of anti Semitic terrorism, in the United States, are coming out, on the streets of Brooklyn, NY against Orthodox Jews, on college and university campuses, in the press, and even in the halls of Congress (check out AOC and The Squad). Interestingly, all of these acts are on the heels of Trump bringing more Arab countries to peacefully accept Israel. And, also, interestingly, the more Trump moves to bring Arab countries and Israel together, the more he is vilified here.

The growing anti semitism in the United States is craftily disguised as Woke plans for Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) against Israel.........

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