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A Yeshiva left Homeless in City vs. Yeshiva Feud

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A small, high-caliber yeshiva has been studying in a synagogue building for over a decade. Several years ago, a small group within the city decided that they do not want a yeshiva in their midst, and thus, under the pretext that a synagogue is for prayer and not study, initiated legal efforts to evict them from the building.

In a desire to minimize the protracted legal battle and try to bring peace, when the post-Pesach yeshiva term started in April the yeshiva voluntarily left the synagogue building in which they had studied (and symbiotically helped the synagogue make a daily minyan for prayer services, reading the Torah, etc) for years, .

At the time, the corona pandemic was waning in Israel, and most of the schools, universities and yeshivot returned to their campuses. My son, who has been in this yeshiva for several years, along with his fellow students, did not return to the familiar building. They self-exiled and took up their studies in a rented house. That was not good enough for the anti-yeshiva movement, and it was “made clear” to all homeowners that they should not be renting to the yeshiva. So when the students returned to their studies for the new fall session in early August, it was to a cramped basement.

It is hard to imagine: in order to continue their studies, a yeshiva in Israel is limited to meeting in a cramped basement! This story of Jewish students told not to study Torah in a synagogue and having to “hide in a basement” to study is not from 16th-century Spain under the Inquisition, nor 20th-century Soviet Union. This is a story from Ramat Hasharon, just north of Tel Aviv, in the State of Israel in the 21st century. They have been exiled from the synagogue building because of radical secularist elements within the Ramat Hasharon city government who want to remove all religious Jews and vestige of Judaism from their city.

The background: in 2007, a........

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