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Blind Samson

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“A country cannot subsist well without liberty,

nor liberty without virtue,

nor virtue without citizens.”


Having started a “dirty revolution,” globalists and progressives are destroying both democracy and America.

There were elections in two countries happening almost simultaneously: in the USA and in the Republic of Moldova. As one might expect, the elections in Moldova were fair, transparent and open. And, on the contrary, the elections in the USA were accompanied by numerous falsifications, fraud, manipulation, cooperation of one of the parties with criminal structures, and threats of mass pogroms in the event of an “unfavorable” outcome. This is not a fantasy novel or a satirical pamphlet. This is a sad reality: the stronghold of liberal democracy has sunk to the level of …not even Russia or Belarus, but Venezuela, Zimbabwe and Kyrgyzstan.

No one can predict the development of events in the foreseeable future. But in any case, the main losers have already been distinguished – the democratic system, as it is, and the United States.

True democracy is based on the idea of the Social Contract. According to Rousseau, “Then from the public enlightenment results the union of the understanding and the will in the social body; and from that the close cooperation of the parts, and, lastly, the maximum power of the whole. Hence arises the need of a lawgiver”.

In my book Agony of Hercules or a Farewell to Democracy (Notes of a Stranger) I wrote that such “conception of the democracy formed the basis of the subsequent political philosophy: John Dewey’s idea of a fruitful and friendly competition between all citizens for the sake of the common wellbeing; Robert Dahl’s concept of the representative democracy as various social groups of population striving for a........

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