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Levi Gornish is on Fire!

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Here’s the inside scoop about how Levi Gornish went from a house fire in 2014 to being “on fire” and winning R U Idol competition at Reichman University.

“After our house burned down in 2014, we moved in with my grandparents. I was 10 years old. Except for some baseball action figures, I didn’t have any toys. In my grandparent’s basement, I found a really cheap guitar that my grandfather bought back in the 1950’s. The strings were unraveling, the neck was warped, but I didn’t care. I started playing it just like that. Everyday I came back from school, went to the basement and picked up the guitar. I didn’t know how to play anything at the time, I just plucked the strings. All I knew was that it was fun and got me through the day,” explained Levi.

The Lower Merion community, just outside of Philadelphia, rallied around the Gornish family to help get them on their feet post fire. While Levi’s parents were busy working with the insurance company and rebuilding their home, Levi, as a 10 year old boy who lost all of his possessions, longed to connect to something meaningful as a healthy way to heal.

Music was his savior.

Levi’s father, David, has been a musician and a big Beatles fan since he was 14. Levi grew up hearing that music and his father would encourage him to listen carefully and pick out each instrument in the mix. At the age of 3, Levi’s favorite album was Sergeant Pepper and his favorite song was Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. “I’ve always liked old music,” says Levi.

So how did a kid like Levi go from losing every possession to winning the RU Idol competition?

His love of music was his driving force. While he never took any lessons, his father showed him the first 3 basic chords. He played around with those chords daily. He would listen to The Beatles and play alongside them. One thing he didn’t realize at the time was that he has perfect pitch. “It’s a real gift and I can tune everyone’s guitars before shows,” says Levi.

The more Levi developed his love of music the more he became invested in it. He joined his school band at Caskey Torah Academy of Greater Philadelphia and began performing simcha music at holiday events and community galas. In high school, his fantastic........

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